Sunday, December 26, 2004

Jiri watches as one of Mark's serves goes by... so this turned out to be jus like the real match where Mark dominated... as you can see I only got fotos durin the semi and the finals...that was an indication of how busy I was durin the rest of the week. Alas, I worked my butt off and didn't get much in the way of photographic proof. Oh well, the bosses saw and that's why I got invited back this year... I forgot about the thingy wher the BLOG publishes from most recent to oldest so to see these pix in the chronological order, ya gotta start from the Maters' cup poster foto and go upwards to this to see the 2003 mens & womens tournaments in Shanghai in correct order. The fotos below, again, go from the bottom, startin w/ da press conference to the blowout party after the 2004 Heineken Open. Posted by Hello

Still durin warmups... Mark goes fer a return of Jiri's serve Posted by Hello

Jus b4 da final, Jiri warms up as I take da foto from behind da player bench. Posted by Hello

So unlike the women's tournament in the previous week, I didn't get much of a break durin the men's event this followin week . Somethin about not goin into the women's dressin room the previous week (alas!) and havin to be in the men's dressin room addin towels, drinks and toiletry supplies all during this week(DOH!). After Jiri had won his semi, Mercedes had an event where they got a kid out of the crowd and they had a race on court immediately after the match. The kid had an early lead and he got too excited and ran his car rite off the court into the umbrellas shown at the far edge of the court by the media pit. The funniest thing was that the Mercedes rep went teeearin across the court in a panic of flailing limbs to rescue the car in case it was damaged and to keep the event going. After he checked out the model, he gently put it back on the court where the kid launched it again with a squeal of mini powered fury in a bid to catch up to Jiri, who had now gently eased his car up to the finish line. Jiri just slid his car over the finish w/o breakin the tape as the kid drilled the $1000 dollar model into the pilon with a major THUMP! (Not in picture... here comes the Mercedes rep teeearin onto the court again...) Oh ya, that's Allison Lee, there ATP media/player handler w/ da vidcam... Hiya Alli Posted by Hello

Special Olympics charity event during the mens' tourney. The official photograher was late so my sis asked me to grab my camera to take a few shots...of course, just as I start snappin, look who appears out of nowhere to ruin my perfect shot....jumped rite into my shot, he did, indeedy. Posted by Hello

So second shot of Elena accepting the honors... she was nice but I really didn't get to talk to her much... she was pretty quiet ... offcourt Posted by Hello

Elena Dementiava had jus won the singles crown and me sis was oncourt fer the trophy/cheque presentation... I had time in between putting up the press barricades and later removing them for the doubles match to take this pix Posted by Hello

Shararpova, Canas, & Vinciguerra at the Heineken Open "Opening"

Promo stuff... gotta get the gifts and then laugh for the camera.... Posted by Hello

My buddy, Guillermo on the left, Andreas Vinceguerra(?), Maria and da guy from Heineken whose name I shud remember but don't (cuz I've been up fer 20 hours) Posted by Hello

Maria stayed a few extra days after the women's event and so in exchange for this promo for the mens' tourney, she got a free hotel room (we paid) while she practiced in Shanghai preppin fer da Japan Open (which she won). The guy in the background in the pink shirt is the second member of the team supreme, Charles "da Ham-mer !" Smith, da Managing director. As usualy, deres Michael in da front gettin all da attention. Dat's my sis w/ da camera... Posted by Hello

One craaaazy show... didn't know if I could say it looked good but the girls were kinda cute. Choreography suked tho... Posted by Hello

The GM of Shanghai Hilton (our sponsor) and swiss player, Emmanuelle Gagliardi, hangin out in the TD's (tournament director's) office at the borrowed foosball table. Posted by Hello

In between matches... lots of spare time... too much spare time...hehe Posted by Hello

I finally got a good shot of Alicia's forehand! And then she lost the match (ooops)... I learned this year so that's why I only have photos of my fav player after the tourney. Posted by Hello

The post match press conference... Posted by Hello

The now famous fist pump from Maria... she was only 16 at this time (sigh). Boy I feel old.... Posted by Hello

Dinara doin her serve... I wa rootin feer her but she lost to Jelena... alas. safina's mom was her coach and I liked both of them even tho' her mom looked a lil stern at times and made her daught work hard... it'll be good for her in the long run Posted by Hello

After she put on a hat and changed sides, i got this shot w/ Jelena playin Dinara Safina Posted by Hello

The ever tempestous Yelena original photo can be enlarged quite a bit to show a lot more detail...pity for all u guys out there... Posted by Hello

Hangin out in the court service room between matches and doin lunch w/ da volunteers Posted by Hello

B-day party for Neffa-de Los Rios... in background was her doubles partner, Maria and on the left was her hubby and, of course, right by the cake was her daughter. Leo was on the right just in case spanish translator was required. Posted by Hello

Ashley Harkleroad... the pic doesn't do her justice but she was in a sheer seethru outfit that had all the male tournament staff scramblin to get near centre court to "observe" Posted by Hello

I really liked this player (Martina Sucha) but she always seemed so sad. I wanted to do something to try and cheer her up but I was too shy to do anything... alas Posted by Hello

Kid's clinic w/ Akiko Morigami Posted by Hello

My fav Aussie, Alicia Molik... never got a good shot of her forehand... but she kept winning Posted by Hello