Sunday, December 26, 2004

A week later I'm doin my thing as the director of court services. Here's Dennis escortin Mark Phillippoussous to court 5 for a clinic w/ some of the ballkids. Mark had just lost the previous day and he agreed to do this event in return for us(the tourney) payin fer his hotel while he stayed in Shanghai. The bad thing was only 15 kids could attend cuz this function was just before the start of the mornin matches and most of the kids were on court. I stayerd fer a feew minutes to get this shot and then I headed off to my duties... The previous year I can remember bein in the dressing room after Mark had jus won his semi and he was gettin his post match massage (all the women can faint now... use your imagination... he was nekked... and hairy all over). I had jus given him 200(!) photos of him that the Tourney director had given me to be signed for distribution to the sponsors. I held the radio durin the dialogue that followed while Mark laid there w/ nuttin but the towel (and on him it was a small towel). He words were " My name is Phillippousous not (insert shorter name here) !!! Do you want my arm to fall off??!" Funniest moment in my life around a naked millionaire...Posted by Hello

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