Sunday, December 26, 2004

Afterward Guillermo came by the Tournament director's office and got lots of congrats from everyone includin me and my sis. Earlier, I almost turned away the argentinian consul-general(?) and his entourage cuz I couldn't read the chinese on the card that was handed to me in the chaos after the singles match. I passed the card onto on of the staffers in the office who decifered it for me at which point, I went,"oops". I went to G tenatively in the dressing room cuz I didn't want to disturb his post match relaxation and gently asked if the highest argentinian official in Shanghai and his family could come into the dressing room to visit him. I was quite prepared to be the bad guy if G said no and I had to "shoo" off the group. It was kinda funny cuz I went up to him and said, "uhh, is it ok if this person and his group come in to see you?" at which point I showed Guillermo the card (english side up this time) CONSUL-GENERAL of ARGENTINA! G was great about it and agreed readily and w/o hesitation. That's why I like the guy; he was a total class act around the fans... Posted by Hello

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