Sunday, December 05, 2004

At work again

Just testin out this thingy... never done a blog b4 so I thot I'd do this at work :) Lots of time between what I "do" and when I do it. Jus hope no one ever rats me out to the boss (jus kiddin SIR, I was doin dis lil thingy at home on my off time ;) ) Feel like all I ever do is work nowadays; take today for example: I started at 10am and I finish at this location at 5pm, after I go to my second site and work ther for 4hours or so and then I finish by goin to my 3rd site and workin fer another 3 hours. I'm workin as an audiovisual tech for hotels that have contracted my company to "service" their customers. I don't hafta work this many hours but I have this problem w/ sayin no to my 3-6 bosses. I'm assigned to the 1st hotel but I've been dooin more hours w/ trainin/werkin at the second hotel and I was recruited by the boss from the 3rd hotel. I don't want to let anyone down and I wannas get as much experience as possible so I jus keep acceptin assignments and shifts from everyone. I 'm jus "built" to do all the work I can based on the example set by my parents. Oh well back to werk... seeyas in da funny papers

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