Sunday, December 26, 2004

So unlike the women's tournament in the previous week, I didn't get much of a break durin the men's event this followin week . Somethin about not goin into the women's dressin room the previous week (alas!) and havin to be in the men's dressin room addin towels, drinks and toiletry supplies all during this week(DOH!). After Jiri had won his semi, Mercedes had an event where they got a kid out of the crowd and they had a race on court immediately after the match. The kid had an early lead and he got too excited and ran his car rite off the court into the umbrellas shown at the far edge of the court by the media pit. The funniest thing was that the Mercedes rep went teeearin across the court in a panic of flailing limbs to rescue the car in case it was damaged and to keep the event going. After he checked out the model, he gently put it back on the court where the kid launched it again with a squeal of mini powered fury in a bid to catch up to Jiri, who had now gently eased his car up to the finish line. Jiri just slid his car over the finish w/o breakin the tape as the kid drilled the $1000 dollar model into the pilon with a major THUMP! (Not in picture... here comes the Mercedes rep teeearin onto the court again...) Oh ya, that's Allison Lee, there ATP media/player handler w/ da vidcam... Hiya Alli Posted by Hello

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