Sunday, December 26, 2004

My buddy after he won the tourney ... I remember that earlier in the week (Toosday, i thinky) he was practicing at 11pm after all the matches had ended (around 9:30ish) and the rest of the players were bak at the hotel or catchin the bus to leave the site. He was the only player left and so since my job was "Director of Court Services" I hadda stay til he (the last player) left. It was cool tho' .. it was jus him and his coach, Hernan practicin under the lights on centre court and me sittin on the linesman's chair shaggin balls fer him like a ballkid while he practiced his serves and smashes for an hour. It was kinda like a dream, me oncourt w/ a famous tennis dude hangin out under a clear starlit sky in what was almost a perfect autumn night... Posted by Hello

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